Moisture Damage | An illustration of the impression our industry gives

Moisture Damage – Huckleberry Days was just a few days ago in downtown Whitefish, Montana. It is a great time for people to come out and see the work that local artists have put out and gives them a chance to purchase some of it if they want to. We actually have a very good friend who showcases her work there, she’s been a silversmith for over 20 years and her work is amazing.

We went down to her booth to help her take a break and struck up a conversation with the artist in the next booth. This fella was from out of town, not really sure where (I think he said something like New Mexico) and we fell onto the “how do you make a living in Whitefish, Montana?” question.

When we informed him of our company and what we do, his very first reaction was this: “Well! Tell me all your dirty little secrets! You guys just use bleach don’t you? I know thats what everybody in your business does, its okay, I’m not even from here. You can tell me!”

That got me going, I’ll tell you truthfully. I have never actually been quite as offended as I was at that moment. But its not really a slam against Northern Home Solutions and the Montana Mold Wranglers, or any particular company for that matter. It was just his impression of the way people in our industry conduct business, and thats a shame.

I hope that, through our actions as well as those of other upstanding companies out there, we can turn the tide of opinion in that regard.

Mold is a serious issue regardless of media hype of spotlights. And really, the companies that have lasted through that whole storm of hype are, generally, going to be those companies that are actually addressing the issues and correcting the problems that cause mold growth.

I suppose the most important things to remember is to get recommendations from reputable sources and check up on the companies you are considering hiring. Protect yourselves from the scammers and you’ll be sitting pretty in a mold free home and moisture damage free home.

*Illustration above found at The Albino Kraken

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