• Vermiculite Removal | Kalispell Asbestos Abatement

    Vermiculite Removal |Kalispell Asbestos Abatement Vermiculite is a health concern. This is proven. And I see so many contractors treating it as if it is nothing to even consider, and that is frustrating. So what about vermiculite is the issue? You can sample vermiculite all day long and use traditional asbestos analysis and have it […]

  • Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration | Soda Blasting

    Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration | Soda Blasting There are times that call for drastic measures. Smoke and soot damage qualify. Here’s a short video highlighting the process and efficacy of using baking soda blasting as a means to clean wood after a fire. The Mold Wranglers can handle any size job and get you back […]

  • Asbestos Encapsulation | Kalispell Asbestos

    Asbestos Encapsulation | Kalispell Asbestos We put together a short video for you to see the inside of an asbestos containment. This is an example of the lengths any professional abatement company should go through to protect your home or business while asbestos work is being performed. The Mold Wranglers take every step necessary to […]

  • What is Mold Testing | Kalispell Mold Inspection

    What actually happens when you have a mold inspection in your Kalispell home or business? There are certain commonalities for any inspection that you should expect when hiring a professional and I’ll list them below. Visual Inspection – the first step of any inspection is the visual portion. This includes inspecting for any obvious signs […]

  • Flood Damage and Your Home | Whitefish Water Damage Experts

    Not all restoration companies are created equally. It takes a trained eye and the right know how to safely deal with a water damage incident in your home or business. From Kalispell to Missoula, Whitefish to Polson; the Mold Wranglers can assess any potential risks in your home prior to exacerbating an issue. Many water […]

  • Missoula Mold Cleanup | Mold in Crawlspace

    Missoula Mold Cleanup | Mold in Crawlspace There are so many instances we see where there are simple mold issues that are easily preventable. This video talks about proper vapor barriers in crawlspaces. The Mold Wranglers specialize in correcting these issues and making a home clean again. So dealing with a crawlspace like this one […]

  • Mold in Your Construction Site | Kalispell Mold Remediation

    If you’re building a home this time of year, chances are your home is being rained on. And badly. This introduces so much moisture and potentially mold in your Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls or Bigfork home that you really shouldn’t try to tackle it yourself. The Mold Wranglers are the local experts in helping home […]