• What is “BLACK MOLD”!? | Separating hype from fact

    What is “BLACK MOLD”!? | Separating hype from fact We’ve heard a lot of people in Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and Missoula alike, tell us they found “black mold” in their home. This is usually accompanied by a sense of fear. A short explanation than of what black mold actually is: What the Media created […]

  • Mold Scams | Senior Citizens Beware!

    Mold Scams | Senior Citizens Beware! We recently discovered mold in a home of a family member who had actually paid a passing “contractor” to inspect her crawlspace for the exact same thing. This person accepted money for an “all clear” assessment of  the space when it is obvious that there was plenty of mold, […]

  • Mold Cleanup Whitefish | Why is it important to get rid of mold?

    Mold Cleanup Whitefish | Why is it important to get rid of mold? Mold has many negative effects. The most talked about is health risks, by far. But there are other problems as well. In advanced cases, molds can deteriorate the structural integrity of building materials. This can compromise the strength of your home’s very […]

  • Water Removal Scams | Water Removal Certification

    Water Removal Scams | Water Removal Certification I was searching the web for certification courses in water removal, what with all the news about hurricane Sandy and all… I found a company that offers video tutorials which will, in turn certify persons as a water damage restoration professional. This is nothing new. What bothered me […]

  • Kalispell Mold in the Winter | Water from frozen pipes

    Why would someone get mold in the winter when the air is dry and the temperature is low? Because their pipes burst, that’s why! The Mold Wranglers can give a no cost estimate on cleaning up any mold that has grown in your home this winter. And if it’s an emergency and you need the […]

  • Basement Flooding in Whitefish | Water damage

      Water damage can sneak up on you, especially in Whitefish, Kalispell, Bigfork and Columbia Falls! And worst of all, you won’t realize it usually until its too late and everything is soaked! That’s why it is important to know who to call right away for immediate service. The Mold Wranglers!  

  • What is Remediation of Mold? How to Get it Out of the House

    What is Remediation?  It’s really just a fancy way of saying removing- mold in this case.  What is Remediation? – is the question you ask yourself when you start googling the internet for a solution to your mold problem. What is Remediation of mold really?  Call the Mold Wranglers today to find out.

  • What is Mold | Definition of Mold

    What is mold?  Is mildew a type of mold?  Yes. Do we eat moldy cheese?  Sometimes. Is mold always harmful?  No. If you find yourself asking, Exactly what is mold?, contact the Mold Wranglers today.  We’d be glad to discuss mold with you.