Black Mold | Encapsulation, don’t get screwed!

Black Mold? Searching for credible information about mold in your home, or anywhere for that matter, on the internet is difficult at best.

At times it gets me pretty amped up, all the misinformation out there about how to clean up mold problems. Everybody is trying to set themselves up as the ONLY option out there, meanwhile, taking your money and not even properly addressing the problems.

One of these scams, as I call them, is using encapsulation as their means of remediation.

So, what is encapsulation? Well, in this instance it refers to surrounding mold growth and cutting off its supply of Oxygen.

That makes sense on a certain level, since mold requires air, food and moisture to grow, it seems like cutting off its air supply would stop the problem, right?

Unfortunately that not entirely true.

If you do a simple Google search for mold encapsulation, you’ll see that this is, in fact, one of the most notorious forms of mold fraud!

Basically, encapsulation is NOT an acceptable form of complete mold remediation. That is important. All certifying agencies as well as the EPA and any other guideline points out that it is not enough. So, if a contractor bids on a mold removal job for you and their primary means of treatment is encapsulation, you need to find someone else!

There are some instances to use encapsulation. But only as a part of a an entire remediation plan, and even then it should be a small part.

You see, you can use encapsulation as an interim fix while working on the larger problem. For instance, spray coating materials in order to safely remove them from a building in order to prevent spreading mold spores to other areas.

So, again, if you have a contractor who is talking about simply spraying a chemical that will leave mold (including black mold) in its place, even if its CHEAP, walk away. Simple as that.

Take care out there and don’t get screwed!

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