Frequently Asked Questions

1 Why decontaminate?

If mold is growing within a structure, its spores are likely throughout the building. If that mold is producing toxic by-products, you will have those toxic particles throughout the structure. Current universally accepted remediation methods do not address spore dispersal. In other words; remediating a particular area within a sick building does not address the full scope of the contamination.

Northern Home Solutions products and technologies address not only the point of mold contamination, but also effectively deal with the spore dispersal, making our service the most effective and cost effective on the market.  Mycologists estimate that there are as many as 200,000 unidentified species of fungus. Neither mold itself or its spores actually cause illness beyond allergic reactions, however, molds which produce toxins are among the most toxic and harmful substances known to man. When these molds are allowed to grow indoors, they grow in higher concentrations than naturally occurring outside. No other product on the market can claim to neutralize mycotoxins.

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2 Why is a fog delivery important?

Fog, an aerosol with particulate sizes ranging from 1-30 microns) is particularly effective in the decontamination of areas where foams or sprays would be difficult, if not impossible to reach. Since most mold spores range in size from 3-20 microns, the use of for ensures that the decontaminate will reach all surfaces where contaminants have settled.

Respirable particles are less than 7.5 microns with those more than 2.5 microns being the most dangerous, and are able to lodge in lung tissue where they can be infused directly into the bloodstream.

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3 Does mold affect our health?

Absolutely. Many people seem to adopt the philosophy that because penicillin is made from mold and that we can eat Bleu Cheese, that mold isn’t harmful. This is simply not true. Mold can indeed create a potentially dangerous environment that could effect everyone in an infested dwelling, especially children, senior citizens, and pets whose immune systems are naturally weaker.

People who suffer from allergies and asthma are also at more of a risk. Many factors will determine the safety of your indoor air quality and various strains of mold can cause various health hazards. These threats to you indoor environment and the length of time that you expose yourself and your family to this menace will ultimately become the deciding factor in enlisting the services of a Mold Professional.

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4 Will mold affect my property value?

The quick question would be “would you be excited to buy a home suffering from mold infestation?”

Mold can dramatically effect the value of your residential or commercial property. In these past few years, Contractors, Real Estate Agents and Property Inspectors have become alerted to the dangers and damage associated with Mold issues. Due to the increased media attention and public   awareness, residential and commercial property values are most definitely affected when mold is present.

This also opens the door for various legal threats. Lawsuits have become increasingly more abstract… there is no doubt that Homebuilders, Landlords, Investors and Sellers will see their share of lawsuits relating to indoor air contamination regardless of who may be at fault. Northern Home Solutions can offer a measure of legal insulation by providing a clearance certificate and 1 year guarantee.

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5 Why is MDF-500 the leading solution for mold removal?

The Modec Decon Formulation used by Northern Home Solutions in all of its Mold Remediation Operations, is an approved antimicrobial disinfectant and fungicide that has been assigned an EPA Registration. MDF-500 exhibits completely effective disinfectant activities against the organisms: Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella choleraesuis, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, as well as many other strains and meets the stringent requirements posed by the Medical Industry.

MDF-500 is actively administered in the World’s leading Medical Facilities. This alone is a testament to its effectiveness.

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6 Will painting over mold solve the problem?

Not in the least.

Once identified, mold needs to be completely removed from the materials it is growing on. In some advanced cases these material will need to be replaced. Mold affects wood and other materials in a way similar to rust on metal. Simply painting over your rusted frame on your car will not stop it from shaking apart on a bumpy road.

Painting over mold will not stop it from feeding on your home, it needs to be removed.

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