Foreclosed Home Mold Problems | Mold in Kalispell

Foreclosed Home Mold Problems | Mold in Kalispell

We have been through a number of homes and commercial buildings that have been foreclosed. This creates a whole new series of issues in a building. What happens while the home is vacant? Who looks after the property until the bank passes it on to a new owner?

The answer is that there actually isn’t any real care for homes once they are foreclosed on. A contractor will come through and “winterize” the home by turning off the water and opening faucets, etc, but once that process is over it is very rare for anyone to even look at the home for months on end.

We’ve been called in to look at homes that had pipes burst and let over a million gallons of water in before being noticed. We’ve been called to assess damage done to commercial properties over years when there has been a hole in the roof that went un-repaired.

The banks policy is to minimize expenditures on these homes. Make sure if you’re considering buying one that you do your due diligence!

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