Indoor Air Sampling | Whitefish Mold Testing

Indoor Air Sampling | Whitefish Mold Testing

Why do firms conduct air testing? Air testing takes a snapshot of the quality of air in an indoor environment. This lets you know what kind of “things” are floating around in your homes or businesses.

Things that are found during an air sample are quantified and categorized into different fungi and  shown on a representative scale how they stack up against safe levels.

For example, a spore trap analysis can be run in your home to determine if there are elevated levels of mold present. This will usually mean an outdoor sample will be pulled as the control (indoor levels should always be less than outdoor levels) and subsequent samples will be pulled in the home. If any levels are higher then outdoor levels, investigation should be done to determine where the fungal contaminants are.

Many times, mold is obvious. You can see it growing on the walls, etc. However, mold can be growing behind your paint, wallpaper, under your carpets and you’d never know it.

This is the benefit of a mold air test.

There are a number of qualified mold testing and inspection firms. The Mold Wranglers are also trained in mold inspection, but we don’t do our own clearance testing. We’d be happy to perform a visual inspection though!


  1. It’s good to know there’s a company with integrity that follows the IICRC guidelines – that a company that does the remediation should not also do their own testing! Kudos to you and your company for following these guidelines and protecting the consumer with good information and guidance. Whitefish and Kalispell are lucky to have you as a resource for the community.

  2. Mold Wrangler

    There’s been quite a bit of controversy in the Kalispell and Whitefish areas lately regarding third part testing. We were actually in the local newspaper (the Daily Interlake) to discuss it!

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