Kalispell Mold Inspection | Visual Inspection

Kalispell Mold Inspection | Visual Inspection

Many times, a full mold inspection is not needed. When I say full, I mean with all types of expensive equipment and sending things off to a lab to be analyzed.

I always tell clients, if you can see the mold, you should just get rid of it. This can save money for the client by eliminating the expensive fees for taking air samples, overnighting them to a lab and paying to have a laboratory technician look them over. Then pay the mold inspector to look at the report and tell you “Yes, there’s mold”.

No mold is good to have in your home, so we usually recommend to skip that first step.

Now, many inspectors will tell you that you should always have a baseline to see that the remediation was effective. There is validity to this statement, but like I said, its a lot of money up front with no progress in actually removing the mold from your home.

An easy way to find mold in a home is to look around. Common areas we find mold are the basement/crawlspace and attics. Mold usually looks like black staining on wood or white fuzzy growth. We’ve even seen red, yellow and green… A dead give away is when there’s mushrooms growing.

The Mold Wranglers offer free visual inspections of properties in and around Kalispell to assess mold damage. We find this to be a very cost effective way to find and deal with mold. Sometimes more in depth inspection methods are needed to find problems, but for the most part, you can save a bunch of money by sticking with the ‘ol eyes and nose techniques

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