Kalispell Mold Remediation | Using a Fungicide

Kalispell Mold Remediation | Using a Fungicide

A form of mold remediation that is increasing in popularity nationwide is using a fungicide. This is still a pretty controversial method as there are many disreputable folks slinging “snake-oil” all over the place. You know, stuff that will kill mold just by thinking about it and grow hair on you head at the same time…

If you decide to hire a contractor that uses this form of remediation, its important that the product proposed meets a few criteria. Registration under FAFRA is one good one, another is ensuring the product has been around for awhile and has been tested by third party institutions to verify its efficacy.

That being said, this can be a very effective form of remediation. It may still require material removal, the same as any proper remediation technique, but using an aerosolized fungicide can access areas that no traditional method can reach. This is a very good aspect of this form of remediation.

Once again, we highly recommend you only use established, trained, professional contractors who can prove their certifications and that they’re insured. This applies to any contractor, but it will weed out those who are fly by night disreputable companies.

We at the Mold Wranglers use a combination of Fungicidal and Abrasive remediation techniques to ensure our spaces are left clean and mold free.


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