Kalispell Mold Testing | How and Why?

Kalispell Mold Testing | How and Why?

So you think you have mold and you’re not sure what to do. “Googling” what to do about mold is only going to get you frustrated with gaudy companies telling you you’re going to die if you don’t pay them to come look at your walls…

Simple answer, if you’re worried about it, test it. If not, just have it cleaned up.

So what does a mold test include?

Mold tests can be performed many ways. The most common, however, is the air sample. This consists of pumping air through a machine to get a sample on a disc that is then sent off to a lab for analysis. This will tell you what kinds of mold are in the air, and how much. There are also “viable” samples which in essence are when the lab attempts to grow mold from a sample sent in

So if you can see it… We say just get it cleaned up. If you can’t see it, find it with a mold test!

The Mold Wranglers can recommend some very experienced mold inspection firms to perform those tests, and we’ll be there to clean up the mess!

Disclaimer, if you ARE concerned or you don’t see obvious mold growth, get a test done, okay?

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