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1. Remediation

There are many, many different companies out there vying for your business. What separates them from the Mold Wranglers of Montana? Well, to start, the method of remediation is a vital part of what sets us above and beyond the competition.

What are some of the types of remediation?

  • Biocides – These are chemicals that kill living organisms. This can be very dangerous for your family since, chances are there will be some residue left behind (yes this includes chlorine bleach)
  • Encapsulation – This method refers to “trapping” mold in some sort of seal that will effectively keep the mold from being able to spread. Sounds a little hokey, yes. It is not looked upon by any organization as an acceptable form of mold treatment.
  • Ozone – This utilizes a gas (ozone) to effectively change the chemical makeup of mold. This is a dangerous method since the gas is toxic to humans, and even after ventilating the space, everything else in the space has been altered as well.
  • Blasting – Dry ice, soda, sand, glass, corn cob; there are many different blast medias out there. This method is VERY effective at properly remediating a space. It can sometimes be VERY cost prohibitive as well.

2. Prevention

It is a fact that to control mold and mildew in a residential or commercial environment, you must control moisture levels. That being said, how does one accomplish this?

According to the EPA there are a few simple to follow steps to follow:

  • Clean and repair your roof gutters regularly
  • Make sure that your landscaping flows away from the building. That way rain water ends up in your yard, not your basement
  • Keep air conditioning drip pans clean and drains unobstructed
  • Keep the indoor humidity low. If able, maintain levels between 30 and 50%
  • If you see any condensation building on windows, pipes or walls, dry the area immediately and make sure the relative humidity is in the acceptable range


3. We Can Help

What do the Mold Wranglers of Montana offer?

  • Fogging with proven MDF-500 that will completely denature the proteins that make up the mold itself as well as airborne mold spores, and ANY associated mycotoxins.
  • Removal of all effected materials that cannot be salvaged.
  • Mold stain removal through a number of different techniques.
  • All surfaces HEPA vacuumed and disinfected with MDF-500.
  • A one-year conditional guarantee against mold re-growth in the treated area.
  • Professional references and a high BBB rating


4. Videos