Missoula Mold Remediation | Blasting is EXPENSIVE!

Missoula Mold Remediation | Blasting is EXPENSIVE!

Another form of mold remediation that is popular and widely accepted is abrasive blasting. This includes Dry Ice, Baking Soda, Sand, Corn Cob… really any type of abrasive material that is projected and used to remove mold from surfaces.

Blasting is a very effective form of remediation and has long stood as one of the most accepted forms of mold cleanup. When operated by trained professionals, blasting can completely solve mold growth issues.

The possible down-sides of blasting include an untrained person missing mold while going through and cleaning, causing mold to re-occur. The other down-side would be, the price… Blasting costs a lot of money simply because it is so labor and material intensive.

Those things considered, blasting is a very good form of remediation, it is definitely one of the most used and proven forms that a contractor can use.


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