Missoula Vermiculite Removal | Safely Deal with Environmental Concerns

Vermiculite-Missoula-AsbestosSo what do you do if a home inspection finds vermiculite in the attic?

A lot of peoples ideas are shaped by what they’ve heard, and in Missoula we’ve heard a lot of crazy things about vermiculite.

But don’t worry, removing vermiculite does not cost the same as building a new home! In fact, the Mold Wranglers have a method to extract potential asbestos containing vermiculite from an attic space or wherever that can really help the bottom line.

Why kick the can down the road? The recent settlement with W.R Grace even offsets the costs to the consumer by up to 55% of removal costs.

Call the Mold Wranglers for an estimate to remove the vermiculite from your home and your life! We offer affordable pricing in Missoula, Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Polson, Bigfork and beyond so don’t wait!

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