Mold in your attic | Whitefish Mold Removal

Mold in your attic | Whitefish Mold Removal 

Why do contractors vent bathroom fans directly into an attic?

This is an age old question with only one real answer. That is negligence.

Any contractor that actually cares about the life of a building will want to make sure it will be sound for years to come. But we’ve come across so many instances in Whitefish, Kalispell and Columbia Falls that have these fans vented directly into the attic space. Its reprehensible to us!

If you’re having a fan put into your bathroom, make sure they actually vent it out of the building! Its common sense, but its very common for a contractor to attempt to keep more money by cutting corners.

So the result of this “mistake” is always going to be massive mold issues. The Mold Wranglers can fix these problems throughout Northwest Montana from Whitefish down to Missoula and we’ll get the fans vented properly for you too!

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