Mold Remediation Techniques | Missoula Mold Cleanup

Mold Remediation Techniques | Missoula Mold Cleanup

There are a large number of contractors out there who claim to be able to fix your mold problems. But there’s a problem… Most of these contractors have never actually been trained in the proper methods to remedy a mold problem. In the Missoula area there is a firm that knows and wants to make a difference, the Mold Wranglers.

We’ve been cleaning up Mold problems for 8 years now in Northwest Montana, and we’ve seen the worst of the worst, and we’ve had the projects come back clean, so if you’re looking for someone to call, don’t hesitate!

The Mold Wranglers specialize in indoor air quality issue resolution. That means Microbial issues are no problem whatsoever. We deal with it all; mold, asbestos, radon, virucidal, bactericidal, whatever!

We can come into a home that looks like this:


And leave it looking clean and ready to be rebuilt, or if you choose, we’ll put it all back together for you!

We look forward to helping you with any issue; water damage, fire damage, asbestos, mold or even bat guano! We walk you through the whole process from start to finish and help you understand what we’re doing to make your building healthy again.

No, we’re not the cheapest act in town, but we are the BEST and we guarantee your project will be done and clean by the time we leave. Every time.


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