Mold Scams | Senior Citizens Beware!

Mold Scams | Senior Citizens Beware!

We recently discovered mold in a home of a family member who had actually paid a passing “contractor” to inspect her crawlspace for the exact same thing.

This person accepted money for an “all clear” assessment of ┬áthe space when it is obvious that there was plenty of mold, and it had been there quite some time.

Persons such as this should be held accountable for their illegal actions, unfortunately there is little people can do as far as recourse is concerned in the mold world since they can claim that there was no mold there at that time and it cannot be proven that there actually was.

Be cautious of unsolicited persons coming by to look at your home. These people prey on senior citizens primarily since they seem to extend the most trust. Always ask for certifications/licenses, proof of insurance, photos taken (time stamped if possible) and anything else that can be used to protect yourself should something come of it later.

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