Mold Staining on Wood | Whitefish Mold Removal

Mold Staining on Wood | Whitefish Mold Removal

One of the most difficult aspects of cleaning up mold is the removal of tough stains that are deeply rooted in plywood and lumber. This is something that many mold remediation companies can tell you about.

There are abrasive techniques for mold removal like soda or dry ice blasting that do a great job of this, but they are typically much more expensive to perform than using a biocide/fungicide.

We recently did a side by side test of two products, Fiberlock’s IAQ Advanced Peroxide Cleaner and Modec’s MDF-500.

We’ll have videos up soon of the results, but to sum it up: these chemicals do a great job of cleaning up staining and treating present mold, but they are only as good as the conditions are ideal. There is considerable effort required to scrub the stains, etc to remove them. If there are tight corners or limited space or HVAC ducting in the way, the stains may persist. This doesn’t mean that the mold isn’t treated however.

Make sure that you understand the process your contractor is proposing. Ask questions and if anything is confusing to you, make sure they can help you wrap your head around it. It is your home. Make sure they can clean it to your specifications.

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