Mold Cleaning Prevention & Pre-construction Treatment

Mold Cleaning Prevention – Consider for a moment the amounts of time, effort, money and planning that go into the construction of a new building.

I have always had the utmost respect for general contractors. The organizational skill required to pull off a project of such magnitude is mind blowing!

We hear in the news of settlements against home builders for mold in a home that they built that didn’t appear until after the homeowner moved in. Due to the adverse health effects of mold in the home, the homeowners were awarded quite a lot of money from the builders. In an unfortunate situation such as this, there really was no way that the builder could have known, or been protected.

At the Mold Wranglers of Montana, we have created a service to offer to contractor and client alike.

We can treat a home during its construction to both neutralize any present mold and prevent further growth. It really is an incredible value and option to protect your home.

On a side note, we know that contractors are careful… We are not implying through any of this that they are doing less than the best work possible. However, there is no way to completely prevent mold from springing up 6 months, a year, even 5 years down the road. No matter how dry you keep the wood or how many dryers you use before insulating and drywalling. Facts are facts, and mold spores live in the wood you install into a home. Thats it. Any leaking sink or tub, or water introduction of any kind will set those dormant mold spores off and trigger growth that will continue undetected until it begins to affect someone living or working in the building.

Back to the point, we can treat a building while it is being built and guarantee that the mold, associated mycotoxins and released spores are destroyed. Better than that, we offer a guarantee that if mold does pop up at any point in the future, we will come back and treat it for free.

I could go on and on about this subject, but I think that the point is this; the protection offered through a prevention package from the Mold Wranglers of Montana is well worth the price in both peace of mind to the builder and potential saved costs to the wallet of the homeowner.  Avoid having future mold cleaning issues.

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