Preventing Mold During Construction | Kalispell Mold Remediation

Preventing Mold During Construction | Kalispell Mold Remediation

When building a home, you want to build a home that will last. You don’t want something that is temporary and will cause them problems through the years.

You also wants to protect your investment. You research the builders and the roofers and all the people who will be putting their dream together, so why would you not want to protect it from mold as well? Mold can add a major expense to Whitefish homes.

We have had brand new homes in Kalispell that before they can even get finished, have a mold problem that cost the owners $3,000-$5,000. All of that could have been prevented by pretreating the home.

When you pretreat a home, you spray all the wood with a mold killing chemical that creates a layer of protection that the mold cannot grow on.

A small investment now can save a ton of money down the road. For example: A 1,500 sq. foot house in Whitefish is around $1,100 to pretreat and that could save you a lot of hassle in the grand scheme of things. All of the pretreats that mold wranglers do come with a 30 year guarantee against mold growth. It also only takes a day to do so work is not halted. Pretreating protects your investment for a very low cost.

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