The biggest mess you’ve ever seen | Anywhere, USA

The biggest mess you’ve ever seen | Anywhere, USA



We love to tell people that we’ve seen worse. We love the look in their eyes when they realize we’re telling the truth!

There is always doubt that people have about how much it will cost to clean up, or how bad they feel about having a mess that a professional needs to clean.

Well we decided to share a photo that is really the biggest mess you’ve ever seen… anywhere!

This photo is from Somers, MT which is in the beautiful Flathead County nestled in Northwest Montana. Not far from Missoula, a major college town housing University of Montana and just south of Whitefish, MT a big ski resort town, this photo could be from anywhere! Just think, if it happens in a beautiful place like Montana, it could happen in Vermont, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire… anywhere!

So when we say we’ve seen worse, we mean it!

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