Using a Mold Professional | Missoula Mold Remediation

Using a Mold Professional | Missoula Mold Remediation

There are a lot of products out there geared towards the DIY’er. In the mold field, this can become dangerous. I am hardly an alarmist, but this is the hard reality: MOLD IS BAD FOR YOU!

I grow tired of the lackadaisical attitude of contractors, property managers and landlords who allow problems to persist to the detriment of the same people they collect money from. If people can be harmed, than its important to reduce the risk of mold exposure!

That being said, there are mold growth issues that are easily handled by a homeowner or renter. These are outlined in the EPA’s guidelines for cleaning up mold.

Shower mildew? You don’t need a remediator.

Window grout molding? Again, you can handle that yourself.

Attic completely full of mold and starting to grow mushrooms? Call a professional! Don’t let someone talk you into using bleach on a massive scale and hosing down your attic.

There are situations where a professional is warranted. Use your common sense and call a pro when you’re in over your head!

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