Water in your Crawlspace | Whitefish Water Damage

Water in your Crawlspace | Whitefish Water Damage

What are you supposed to do when you realize your crawlspace has flooded? Or your basement? Or your bathroom or laundry room… you get the picture.

Here in Whitefish and the rest of the Flathead Valley, there’s a lot of this going on. Sometimes its ground water, sometimes a burst line in a water heater, sometimes a valve that leaks by. The list of reasons is long, but there’s one common thing about any of these situations: You need to get your home cleaned up!

So who can you trust to handle the job right? Not all water damage contractors are created equal. You want a team that will respect your belongings and help restore your home to its original condition.

The Mold Wranglers are that team. We can walk you through every stage of the process from stopping water intrusions, to drying out your home, to getting everything put back together in a professional way. We will work directly with your insurance company to make sure you get everything covered in this time of stress.

Best of all, the Mold Wranglers are trained in handling all sorts of hazardous conditions and materials, so you know that your older Whitefish home will not be left in a compromising condition because of untrained people working around things like asbestos.

If you notice your basement flooding in Whitefish, give the Mold Wranglers a call!

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