Whitefish Asbestos Abatement | What Are the Dangers?

Whitefish Asbestos Abatement | What Are the Dangers?

Asbestos is always a big scare for folks out there. Why is that?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has a large variety of uses, primarily in applications where heat is present as it is highly resistant to fire and heat damage. This led to widespread usage in building materials to aid in fire resistance.

You’ll find asbestos in older homes, commonly in ceiling tiles, floor tiles, shingles, siding, etc. It was (and in some cases still is) used in brake pads for your vehicle, hair dryers, rope, theater curtains, etc.

So the danger with asbestos is when it is disturbed. Certain types of asbestos containing materials (or ACM) can release fibers when impacted, cut, or otherwise damaged. This is called “friable”. When those fibers are released and subsequently inhaled, it can lead to long term health effects like lung cancer (specifically Mesothelioma) and Asbestosis.

Its very important to consult a professional, qualified and insured Asbestos Abatement company if you run into anything you may suspect as being asbestos containing in your home or business. The Mold Wranglers can handle these kinds of situations in the Flathead Valley, but all around Montana there are multiple companies who do a great job of safely removing these threats from a structure.

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