Whitefish Mold Remediation | Ozone is a SCAM!

Whitefish Mold Remediation | Ozone is a SCAM!

Ozone is very cost-effective. And there’s a simple reason, it doesn’t work!

Never allow a contractor to charge you money to fix a mold problem with Ozone gas. It just doesn’t work for multiple reasons.

The first is that ozone does not penetrate any surface, it is a gas that contacts the surface and alters the molecular state of that which it touches.

This is its main selling point. Proponents claim that the mold is then “dead”. The problem is its only mold that’s on the surface, nothing beneath it, which continues to grow.

There’s also numerous other concerns when running an ozone generator that should be seriously considered before putting something like that in your home.

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  1. Sue Eberz

    For years we used a Living Air air purifier that used ozone. After my husband died of lung cancer (and the Dr’s never identified the cause), my adult children made me stop using the unit. I’d love to hear what other information you have.

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